Delivering vision, leadership and Strategy


Where do you find yourself against the competition? How will your company and business will look like one year from now? What are the best tools to be on the lead?

Our team combines its experience with science and strategic leadership to help customers embrace new forms of communication, more efficient and cost effective, much more easily.

Companies don’t just interact with reality: they influence it, shaping it for tomorrow. Some (still) give you the strength of the PowerPoint presentations, we open for you the doors of infinite possibilities through technology and strategic thinking. So, choose wisely.

Strategic Advice

Leadership Training

Key Opinion Leaders Management

Opportunity Management Program

Business Value Networking Program

Social Media

Social media are wonderful brand awareness tools in the right hands. We make sure that your message gets through and leaves a mark.

We make sure that what’s said about your company, event, or brand is properly analyzed and the strategy is getting back to you in no time. We know that fastest is not fast enough, so we act now. Always.

Account Management

Content Creation

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Business Value Networking Program


Content marketing can take many forms, including consumer interest stories, how-to guides, whitepapers, blog posts and so on. Every business has different customers and objectives. That’s why we devise a content marketing strategy that is unique and suitable for your business.

Our writers’ and editors’ team is capable of producing all types of marketing contents that drives amazing results. We are here to tell your deep story with the right keywords to the right people.


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Press Releases

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Everything is about reputation, today. It matters where your company or brand stands on the reputation scale. Our specialists bring at the table their experience in building up reputations all over the world.

The HYPE can’t guarantee a scare-free environment to your brand, but what we can guarantee is the best reputation management strategy available.

Just a few years ago, reputation was something almost intangible. Today, online reputation management is so demanding, that an army of communication experts has to watch that everything is balanced, properly spoken, and that the brand construction is going on according to the plan. Seems little, but it’s a hell of a lot!